How To Attract Your Ideal Life Partner

So often, people ask, “How can I attract the kind of person I really want to be in a relationship with and who is at a high vibrational frequency?” The answer to that question is actually very simple — be that kind of person to yourself and be at a high vibrational frequency yourself. And Taddaa, it happens!

One vital thing that is very important for us to know and remember when we’re intending on attracting anything or anyone to us is this: Anything we do, we want to be doing merely because it feels good for us to do so and NEVER in order for us to feel good. Be it having more money or being in a relationship with the man/woman of our dreams, the key here is to not to be attached to any particular result/person. But, rather, we want our motivating factor to be purely for our feeling good and for no other reason than this. In this way, we’re attracting who and what we’re actually wanting, enjoying our journey in the process and continuing to feel good and enjoy ourselves even after we have manifested what we wanted.

Two Key Factors

  1. The way we treat ourselves is how we set the stage for how we’ll be treated by all of those around us.
  2. Our initial motivating factor for why we choose to do anything is what will determine the kind of results we get thereafter.

If you want to be in a relationship with someone who is living their truth openly, comfortably and with full blast confidence, do this yourself in your own life. If you’re looking to create the kind of life experiences with someone who will be kind to you, generous, a great listener, patient, gentle, fun to be with, excited when he/she sees you, and who looks forward to spending quality time with you, then treat yourself in these ways. Want a partner who naturally and willingly gives you an abundance of attention and positive feedback? Someone who knows and gives you what you’re actually wanting and needing in the moment and allows you to express yourself fully and without any interruptions whatsoever? A person who gives you his/her full and undivided attention because he/she knows how much it means to you and acts in a way that if it’s important to you, then it is absolutely, without question and without any hesitation, important to him/her as well? Somebody who wants to have a true and deep connection with you — then be all of this to yourself; to your own feelings, thoughts, wants/desires. Treat yourself in these ways and be this kind of partner to yourself and then simply watch how the magic unfolds for you before your eyes!

Ask yourself: How can I treat my own thoughts, feelings and desires as important to me? What are some ways in which I can be kind, gentle, patient and generous with myself? How can I pay better attention to what I’m really wanting and needing in the moment and then how can I give this to myself? How am I creating a deep and true connection with myself? How am I showing myself that I really want to spend quality time with my own thoughts, feelings and desires? In what areas of my life can I give myself an abundance of positive feedback and attention?

What happens when we pay ourselves, our own Inner Guidance System (our thoughts, feelings and desires) the kind of attention they’re seeking from us is this: We feel good (if not INCREDIBLE) and we vibrate at a high vibrational frequency, and as you probably guessed it, we then naturally attract people who are feeling and doing the same in their own lives as well!

Remember: We want to be treating ourselves kindly, etc. because it feels good for us to do so and not in order to attract an ideal life partner. Whatever it is we choose to do in our life, we want to first check with ourselves if we’re doing it from the right motivating factor, which is simply because in the moment, it feels good for us to do whatever it is we’re choosing to do.

Want a life coaching session to help you further understand how this stuff really works and how it applies in your own life? Interested in attracting the kind of people, life experiences, and whatever else it is you’re wanting to create in your life? Let’s talk soon, I’d love to hear from you!