Me & Different Places, Different Faces

Living Here, Living There, Living Nowhere

It took me a very long time to feel a true sense of belonging and a true sense of purpose—anywhere I lived. Until I realized it all comes from within first and then the outside world (people, places, career, etc.) all comes together to support that which is already there.

I moved around for various reasons literally about every two years or so since I was five years old.It was, at least at first, fun and exciting to start anew each time. It felt like I could just pick up whenever I wanted and just let go of everything and everyone—keeping in mind, of course, that I am going to make it better this time around in a different place with my new plans. 

It felt great because of where I was internally and what I was resonating with at the time—not fully committing to myself, to anything or anyone really. Always being in control of the situation and how close or not close I would allow myself to get to anyone. Back then, way, way back, I chose to connect with people just enough to be able to leave and move on without ever getting hurt, which I recognized later that that isn’t truly being close to anyone, especially not to myself. 

If anything, that was by far being as distant as possible and never becoming even the slightest vulnerable. That being said, I was barely ever able to truly get close to anybody. That is, until my husband came along and helped improve and change my perception of everything and hence, my internal as well as my external world for the better. 

Moving around as often as I did had its perks, too, though, I’ll tell you that. Like, for instance, being exposed to many different types of people, cultures, perspectives, personalities and ways of being. Moving from place to place helped me become capable of adjusting to pretty much anything and anyone and I was able to do this fairly quickly, too. 

Observing, reflecting, exploring and experimenting from place to place, and person to person, got me to truly see how—with my thoughts, feelings, beliefs (in short, my own Internal World’s workings)—I began to become highly aware of the unfolding of things that I hadn’t been aware of before this, and I noticed how I was literally creating my every move. 

Understanding this, combined with applying it myself and helping others understand and apply it themselves, is something that happened way before I officially became a coach. 

When I helped people connect to their own powers within and see what this did for them in their lives, in and out, it lit up such a beautiful and colorful flame inside of me—such an indescribable, rewarding and life-giving feeling—that I had to explore this path further. 

This feeling was what eventually led me to pursue life coaching as my full-time career, investing my time here on earth doing what genuinely makes me feel happy, alive, purposeful, connected—by simply being myself. As a result of this, others around me naturally do the same.