Me & Jobs

Job 2 Job 2 Job 

I lived on my own, with roommates or with a family other than my own (because I was in college at the time) from when I was about 17 years old until I got married and then lived with my husband. I chose to support myself from a young age and so, over the years, I worked at many different jobs to make this possible: I was a secretary at an appraisals office. I managed a private medical clinic. I gave private tutoring in English and Hebrew. I was a security guard at a camp in upstate NY. I was a dental assistant. I was a care-giver for the elderly with Alzheimer’s, dementia or cancer. I worked with children with physical disabilities. I took care of young adults with special needs. I worked at a clothing store. I worked at a toy store. I was a stewardess on a train. I was a waitress and cashier at restaurants. I was a kindergarten assistant. I had all sorts of secretarial jobs. And more….

In every job I have ever worked, and every place I’ve ever lived as well for that matter, people opened up their hearts to me and openly and comfortably shared things with me about their personal lives right from the very beginning. The more these people got to know me, the more they asked for my advice and my thoughts on whatever we were talking about. Some literally even took notes on what I was saying while I was saying it. After talking with me, quite a few of them came back to let me know about all their new internal and external successes they had as a result of applying what we talked about. 

This was a tremendously satisfying and rewarding feeling for me!