The Magic of Emotional PrePlanning

If there’s one thing that can really change your life, it’s this: Sit down with yourself without any interruptions for an allotted amount of time where you allow yourself to plan your upcoming week. But, before you plan the specifics, there’s another thing I highly recommend you do first — “plan” ahead of time the emotions you’d like to be feeling by the end of the week.

As you’re sitting there with paper and a pen/pencil/marker/whatever suits you in the moment, invest your time to clarify for yourself on paper what you would like to be feeling in your ideal emotional space. Do this right before planning your physical weekly goals (and remember to thank me for this later ;-)).

The reason for your Emotional Destinations (as Jonathan — taught me) being the precursor to the physical goals you plan for yourself is this: As you’re setting your emotional destinations, you’re actually already stepping into these good feelings right now, which will inevitably then lead you to make plans that are going to be aligned with the emotions that you really want to be feeling as opposed to making an “I have to to-do list” from a place of forcefulness and a much less good feeling place. In this way, you will plan the things you actually want to be doing and accomplish a lot more than if you were to do it vice versa! It’s a whole other world of flow doing it like this.

What doing it in this way instantaneously does is help you to reimagine your possibilities and then naturally act in accordance with those new “all of a sudden available possibilities” for you. It sets the stage for you to have a happier, more productive and satisfying week. It gives your mind a mission to look for outside-of-the-box ways of approaching things that otherwise would have been a mystery to you in regard to how you can get them done in a way that’s actually pleasing for you. You awaken the parts of you that you really like in yourself as well as become aware of the parts of you that can become even better. Your confidence, productivity, patience, excitement, awareness, energy, creativity, etc. all rise and keep increasing as you follow your inner guide’s perfect directions leading you to those emotional destinations you originally set for yourself at the beginning of the week..

Would you like help implementing more than just the first step in creating your life on purpose with a focus on the feeling (your real destination) and simultaneously accomplishing your physical goals, too? Would you like to do this with a coach who can guide you in the ways that you specifically need and want?

I would be happy to be that person for you! Contact me to set up a time to talk and clarify how you can actually make your ideal life a reality and then

Go make it happen!