Feel Good Reminders

* You always have a choice.
* Be your true self, it’s your best bet.
* Don’t tell. Show.
* You have all the answers you’re ever going to look for outside of you all within you.
* Do what excites you moment by moment. Follow your highest excitement, your passions and your own unique calling.
* Everything and everyone arrives in your life at your inner perfect timing.
* Attachment to anything or anyone is never a good thing. Natural non-attachment to any specifics is ideal.
* Change is the only constant. When you acknowledge this and invite change into your own life rather than resisting it, you allow yourself to truly grow and become a happier you.
* By putting yourself first, you get what you actually want and everyone else ends up getting what they want, too. It really is a great deal!
* There is never only one specific way of getting or doing anything. If one way doesn’t work, there’s always another way waiting for you to find it, if you allow yourself to.
* First thing is to step into the emotional space you want to be in and then from there to make your decisions.
* The things you want can manifest very quickly when you’re actually aligned with your own desires. Your alignment is the key factor for making anything happen!
* When you live in the moment and focus on YOUR POWERFUL NOW, rather than living in your past or future, you allow yourself to attract the kinds of people, experiences etc. that you really want to have in your life.
* It is always a matter of you being in the right emotional space to receive whatever you really want.