Ninette has transformed my outlook and approach to life. Speaking to her each week has helped me reorient my perception of my goals, relationships and success. My mental health and self care practices have tremendously improved because of her guidance. She has a unique ability that has helped me incorporate positive practices into my life in a practical way. I have seen several positive changes in my life in the course of my sessions with Ninette. Incredibly grateful to have met her.

~ Katherine ~

I started to speaking to Ninette when I was in a crossroads with my career and work life. 
Ninette has a fresh perspective on approaching various aspects of your life and has a strong footholding on approaching pretty much any challenge you may face. 
I found her advice and guidance impactful and life changing and after the last few months of speaking to her I can confidently say there are changes and opportunities in my life that I had never imagined having before. 
I appreciate the clarity and confidence I found over the sessions with her that I can apply to various aspects of my life and continue applying.
Very happy and grateful that I met Ninette!

~ Srushti ~

I love working with Ninette! Our work together has already proven transformational. We started working together in May of this year & I’ve seen a significant improvement in the clarity and empathy with which I view myself and the world around me. She is so patient, insightful, supportive, and invested in my development. If you’re looking to repair and nurture your relationship with yourself, you should absolutely consider speaking with Ninette.

~ Natura ~

Amazing life coach, very knowledgeable in her field and very in tune with the inner workings of the human experience. Long story short, I had a few life coaching sessions with her, and 2 months later met the woman I would end up marrying and having 2 beautiful children with. She helped me understand my thoughts and the importance of acknowledging my thoughts, feelings, or inner voice if you will, and helped me understand the importance of my internal dialogue I have with myself and how mastering this will manifest things in my life that will not only make me feel good, but will also be in true alignment with my growth and life path. Thank you Ninette !

~ Bo ~

Ninette is amazingly good at helping me connect to myself so that I can figure out what is really bothering me and what I really want in order to be truly happy. In just one conversation she cured me of my lifelong insomnia! And things have just gotten better and better since then.

~ Chana ~

Working with Ninette has been an extraordinary experience. Her person centered approach is truly unique. She is pleasant, easy to talk to, and more importantly a good listener. If you are looking for Clarity, Alignment, and Growth, Ninette is the experienced life coach you want in your corner!

~ Eduardo ~

When I met Ninette I was at a very transitional time of my life, I’d moved to a new place and didn’t really know anyone. I was about to get married and had a lot of decisions to make, different directions to explore and a new identity to carve out for myself. Ninette supported me on my journey with such warmth and energy. I felt inspired and encouraged and cared about. When we would meet, I’d feel full of excitement about my future and truly connected to something greater. Her innate empathy and natural ability to understand the nuances of different people’s characters all lend to her abilities as a sensitive and intuitive coach.

~ Hadassah Hazan ~

Ninette is an outstanding life coach with a very calming presence! She guided me to make some of the best decisions and gave me some very helpful advice, very easy to open up with her. She will help you navigate your mind into a positive place. This has been a fantastic journey!

~ Gabby ~

A compass ensures that those who are lost will find their way & that those on their path will not lose their way. Ninette is a moral compass who guides the lost & sustains those on their journeys. A dynamo of life experiences that cross oceans as well as cultures, her story alone is inspirational, and worthy of reflection. During our interactions, I was false accused in a professional setting while also experiencing near homelessness in my final semester of my Bachelor education; yet with her refusal to allow me to fail, I completed my degree & defied the only expectations that matter: my own. If ever there was a fire that burns brightly to light the way for others, it is this coach.

~ Felix K. Colón ~

There’s no one like Ninette! She has the qualities every coach must have, whether it is to truly listen to another, the patience, the positive energy and the ability to bring tranquility to anyone around her. She possesses this special charm that is unique to her. I am so glad I got to know her and to have all those talks with her. She is simply amazing! I highly and warmly recommend her. You won’t regret it even for an instant!

~ Nofar ~

It’s not everyday that you meet someone like Ninette. A person with a wealth of life experience to share. She has a great big heart with a genuine desire to help others & a unique sensitivity towards people’s needs and what bothers them inside. She is determined and driven to truly contribute to their lives. Ninette is not afraid and has the courage when it comes to making difficult decisions in a way that it will make the difference that counts in the short and long run. Happiness is her guideline and true goal in life so to anyone that happiness is really important to, this is the person you’d love to be working with!

~ Alon ~

Ninette has really helped me to enjoy life more. I used to be very stressed out about making more money. She has helped me turn my paralyzing stress into renewed confidence. It has resulted in more productivity and more income. I strongly recommend this Life Coach to everyone!

~ Mark ~

Ninette was my coach even before she was a coach.
Her intuition is stronger than anyone I’ve met- literally predicting things before they would happen.
Everytime I’d walk away from talking with her, I felt so uplifted and revitalized.
New life surging through me simply by being in her presence.
Her ability to figure out what I was trying to say and bring it to the forefront to work through was so helpful, during those times it was difficult for me to express.
Her care and compassion had a maternal way about it…
Here’s one life coach you want on your team. : )

~ Gedalia ~

I’ve been privileged to meet Ninette a few years ago. Ninette is a person of blessed and high qualities in all aspects. She’s a very pleasant person to speak to. She’s companionate, sweet, very caring and extremely devoted. Ninette has also proven to have creative thinking in many difficult situations.

~ Aryeh ~

I worked with Ninette a couple of times and managed to work on certain things that always bothered me in myself. Ninette taught me to believe in myself, be myself and listen to my soul. Even though, I live overseas every time I speak to her on the phone, she manages to help me with another part of me and helps me get to know myself in a different way.

~ Sima ~

If you are reading this then perhaps you are struggling in life because you have no foundation which makes you feel lost, or perhaps you have a foundation, but you don’t know which direction to choose. In either case, you are at a cross road and it’s time to make a decision so you can move on with life. So you can mature. That’s where Ninette comes into your life. This my story.
I am speaking from experience, because I was where you are and Ninette was by my side every step of the way. She guided me to where I wanted to be, to be the person I was destined to become. One session with her and you’ll understand what I mean.

~ Yudi ~

Ninette’s openness and positive spirit create a supportive and secure environment for those around her. Her ability to genuinily care and relate to others gives her the skillset needed to gently guide and assist others in unleashing their true potential and creating positive transformation, leading to long lasting positive change. She’s talented and capable with years of experience helping others make their way through life’s challenges. She’s a light in the dark illuminting the paths of those around her. Her warmth and drive for life make her the perfect life coach for any situation.

~ Sarah D. ~

Ninette continuously inspires me to believe in the “impossible” . She is one of the sweetest, most caring, grateful and genuine people I know. Her very being and serene presence allowed me to feel comfortable to be my true self around her. Anyone around her can feel her wonderful burst of positive energy, motivation and inspiration! Her natural ability at all times, no matter the circumstance, to see the bigger picture and simply put everything in perspective so easily is truly a gift that I am happy and grateful to benefit so much from. 🙂

~ Baruch ~

Ninette is an intuitive person. Her ability to speak to someone and understand their viewpoint in order to pinpoint how they should proceed in life is nothing short of impressive. She’s a kind and respectful individual who cares only to see others succeed.

~ Eric B. ~

Ninette is, full of light, happiness and positivity! She is such an amazing person, she is so smart, gentle, kind and has an incredible source of wisdom in her. She is very easy going and a great listener. She knows exactly what to say at the right moments and is a natural in coaching! It’s like she was just born to coach! She is a breathe of fresh air and her energy is very uplifting and light. She also has a way of making you feel very understood and heard. Her coaching is, really amazing, transformational and powerful, you will be sure to leave the session feeling a lot of clarity in your life after speaking with her. If you are looking for a life coach, she will help transform your life in the best way possible! She is an incredible guide, friend, and mentor!

~ Kaila ~

Ninette is kind, whole hearted, creative and warm.
She always strives for the better and the positive.
Never did or does she stop expanding her knowledge and ways to try and help people.
She is a really good listener and is very caring.
She’s absolutely unique and exquisite.
And lovely.

~ Avigail ~

I have known Ninette for the past four years. She exudes warmth and possesses great insight and intuition. She has genuine concern for the well-being of others. I am confident of her ability to lead people to find self-awareness and fulfillment in their lives.

~ Yisroel ~

Ninette is a highly sensative, warm hearted, and considerate life coach. She listens to what you say and pays attention to your emotional state of being. She uses that to help you understand your emotional condition and assists you in reaching your emotional destination by aiding you in visualizing the way you would like to feel.

~ Ephraim ~

לא כל יום פוגשים בחורה כמו נינט
בחורה עם ניסיון חיים עשיר, שהעבירה פרק חיים גם בארה”ב וגם בישראל.
בחורה עם לב רחב ועם רצון אמיתי לעזור !
בחורה עם רגישות לאנשים, רגישות למה שמפריע להם, ורצון לתרום.
בחורה עם אומץ לקבל החלטות קשות, ובלבד שזה מתאים לה.
בחורה שאושר אישי הוא נר לרגלה, ויכולה לתרום לכל מי שאושר אישי חשוב לו !

~ אלון ~

אין על נינט בעולם!
יש לה תכונות שכל קאוצ׳רית חייבת, אם זה הקשבה, סבלנות, אנרגיות חיוביות, יכולת להביא שלווה לאנשים שנמצאים סביבה וקסם מיוחד שיש רק לה.
אני שמחה שיצא לי להכיר אותה, שמחה מאוד על השיחות איתה, היא פשוט מדהימה.
מומלצת בחום ❤, לא תתחרטו לרגע.

~ נופר ~

אני יכולה לספר שמדובר באישה מקסימה. רגישה. ועדינת נפש עם הרבה נעימות ויכולת מיוחדת להרגיש את האחר. אני חושבת שלעבור תהליך עם נינט תהיה חוויה מדהימה. יש לנינט יכולת הכלה כנות ומידה של אמת כדי לעבור תהליך. בהצלחה!

~ שרה ש ~

אימון אישי זה התחום המושלם לנינט, זה פשוט הולם את כל מה שהיא! יש לנינט יכולת מדהימה להקשיב, להכיל ולקבל את האחר כמו שהוא. היא מאמינה בטוב שיש בזולת ובכוחות שלו, וביכולות שלו. יש לה אהבה לבני אדם ורצון גדול להיטיב להם. היא בחורה עמוקה וחושבת. אם פועלת מתוך מקום שמכיר קושי ויכל לו

~ שרה כ ~