Primary things I’ve helped/I help my clients with…

  • Mastering how to consistently and effortlessly manifest whatever they truly want with greater ease, clarity, genuine excitement, etc.
  • Learning how to have a healthy, happy, clear, open, flowing, harmonious, comfortable, peaceful, etc. dialogue with and within themselves about everything and anything they’d like to (“at all times and stages” of their lives), and as a by product, with the people in their lives as well,
  • Having a clearer and truer understanding of themselves and their own inner world (thoughts, feelings, wants) and the “communication happening within”, as well as, the “communication happening outside themselves”, and knowing what to do next with all this awesome info. they’re receiving,
  • Becoming their own guide,
  • Mastering the art of truly living their favorite self and life with heart, joy, interest, passion, ease, and natural flow,
  • Knowing what and how to respond to themselves and life,
  • Recognizing what “their own unique cues” are for them that allow them to know when to stop, continue, pause and then continue, start something new altogether, etc.
  • Knowing if/when to act on what,
  • Sharpening their inner and outer listening skills,
  • Making small/big/huge decisions with ease and confidence, 
  • Etc.

Side effects of working with me included and include…

  • Attracting and buying their dream home/apartment, 
  • Finding their dream job, 
  • Getting a promotion at a job they love to do, 
  • Increasing their income, 
  • Starting, building and/or expanding their private practices and businesses, 
  • Improving their living situation and life experiences, 
  • Significantly improving their relationships with the people in their lives (friendships, spouses, familial, roommates, coworkers, etc.) 
  • Cultivating better parenting styles,
  • Weight loss,
  • Naturally stop smoking and drinking, 
  • Exiting unhealthy relationships and attracting new and much better ones for themselves,
  • Creating their best living experiences with their roommates/significant others/family/children or grandchildren, 
  • Attracting great career opportunities around the world while traveling,
  • Expressing and expanding their creative endeavors, adventures and passions,
  • Cultivating and nurturing an “aligned mindset-heart-action” that gets them to each of their physical goals, and easily and consistently manifesting their best-feeling experiences throughout their lives. 
  • Embarking on the adventurous journey of creating and experiencing their best lives now and later.

I help my clients with their process “before, after and with everything in between”!  

Who I’ve helped/help guide over the years?

Massage therapists, physical therapists, musicians, artists, real estate agents, nurses, caregivers, executive sales representatives, medics, bankers, rehabilitation specialists, private tutors, university students, qigong/tai chi instructors, life coaches, authors, bloggers/vloggers, jewelry designers, veterans, married couples, moms, dads, siblings, grandmothers, etc.

If any of this resonates with you and the direction you’re interested in going/continuing to go in, I’m looking forward to talking with you!