With This Coaching Membership Subscription, You Get:

Clarity about how to create and attract the experience of life that you want, confidence in yourself that you can make this happen, and an overall much-better-feeling experience and quality of life!

How we get you this:

You will be walked through creating this experience every step of the way with:

– Up to two 45-minute one-on-one individualized phone or video coaching session with Ninette to be used within one month

– Coaching exercises – sometimes something to apply internally, and sometimes external action steps to implement – all customized specifically to where you are in your progression and journey

– Feedback from Ninette on periodic text/email progress updates you send during the month

So you’ll always have clarity about where you are and a direction to be headed every step of the way. Whatever roadblock you may face along the way, you’ll have everything you’ll need to steer around it. You’ll always know your next steps towards more of what you’re wanting and have help, support and guidance to get you there.

More so, you’ll learn how to work with your own internal GPS – your own thoughts, feelings and desires – rather than in opposition to them, so you’ll be able to keep consistently heading towards your desired destinations, internally and externally, even beyond your work with Ninette.

If this sounds good to you and like something you want, please subscribe here to get started!: