I am passionate about coaching others because it gives me the ongoing opportunity to get inspired, to inspire, learn, teach and grow together with my clients. In this way, it’s so much more fun, interesting and motivating. I enjoy and appreciate being able to give my full undivided attention one on one (as is important for myself to receive from those who are important in my life, which I experience every time is the outcome when I give that kind of attention to myself).

I love being a part of helping others in those moments we have together in our (30+ minutes) session to create with them the reality they truly desire. I love my/our awareness and feeling of that truth.

It is amazing to me to recognize and feel the positive emotional shift that occurs throughout our sessions; there are times when my clients come in feeling confused, not knowing what steps to take next, everything seems to be “wrong” in their life and they come out feeling such relieving clarity as to exactly what steps they want to take next, how simple the answers to their “unresolvable impossible questions” are, and everything not only feels “right” again but even perfect as it is. And then they leave our session with this sweet redness on their cheeks, feeling so much more joy and hope, this wonderful renewed energy and feel full of life all of a sudden!

Plus it’s gr8 that it’s possible for these amazing feelings to happen in such a short amount of time and the beauty of all of this for me is that I get the opportunity to see how these awesome feelings get better and better each week when I meet with them again!

It’s simply magical and super rewarding, a delicious addition to my life!